Osteopathic Treatment

Techniques do not make an osteopath, but the knowledge of what to treat, when and why.
Vauvan hoito

Osteopathic treatment consists of comprehensive interview and examination, where the medical history of the patient and the history and seriousness of the ailment are diagnosed along with possible contraindications for the treatment. If necessary, osteopath can direct the patient to examination of a general practitioner to find out the reason for the symptoms before treatment.

An osteopath treats soft tissues of the body using different massaging and stretching techniques and techniques that enhance or normalise the mobility of joints. The main objective of the treatment is to normalise the metabolism of the tissues and balance mobility of different body parts. Normalised mobility and function can optimise the weight distribution between body parts preventing overstraining of the tissues. Osteopathy is gentle although not always painless as the muscles can sometimes be very sensitive.

The earlier the actual cause of the symptom is found, the easier and therefore also more economical it is to treat.

Most Common Reasons to Seek Osteopathic Treatment